February 1, 2012

Arachosians & Kissians, Satrapies of Persia

The Arachosians and Kissians were both tribes, located near or in Afghanistan/Iran.To me these look pretty much the same. Both have a cap/headband on their heads and long sleeved shirts, and high boots. As for their usage in my armies, they are both part of the Persian Army that i plan to field.

Here first is a look at the Kissians.

The observant reader will have noticed that one of the men from the lower unit, seems to have found his way into the upper unit instead. This was a mistake made by me. Note to self: Don´t take photos before making sure all figures are from the same unit.

Here are a few close-up of the pose that makes up the two units of Kissians.

I have chosen to paint them up as if they had a headband, rather than a cap. I have seen both interpretations on other sites on the web. I assume it is optional which you follow. Though, it would make some sense that if the Kissians (Afghans) came from a cold weather area, it would be a cap.

Next up is the unit of Arachosians.
Again it is a tribal pose, with a headband/cap, and the figure gives you some freedom to interpret what you want it to be. The boots are high, and the clothes are longsleeved.

Here is a close-up of one of the figures, chosen at random. (I could have chosen a better painted one i think).
With this image, the tour of the Persian Army, and especially it´s many varied troops from non-persian satrapies, has ended. Hopefully it will inspire you to paint some of these figures, that are from the HaT Persian Light Infantry set.


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