January 31, 2012

Saka & Sogdians, Satrapies of Persia

To continue on the theme of Persian Satrapies, here is a few pictures of my Saka (an ancient Scythian tribe) and Sogdian (a tribe centered around the region of Samarkand) infantry. These too are from the HaT set of Persian Light Infantry.

First the Saka:

Here is an individual figure shown in profile:

Not my best paintwork. But overall, an ok job. I think I might have forgotten to paint the hair on this guy... Anyway here are the Sogdians. They came with an optional Spear/Axe weapon. I chose the Axe. Mostly because I wanted to have some troops in a more close combat look. But looking at the figure it seems more to me that it is in a throwing motion...

And now for a close-up of one of the figures. Definately missed painting the hair on this guy.

I might just paint hair on these figures before using them on the wargames table the next time. It sort of annoys me that it´s so visible. But these photographs actually show the figures bigger than they are in real life. So missing some details is something that happens... though it should never be as obvious as on this guy.


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