January 27, 2012

A small cavalry skirmish

Right before I left Roskilde, to move to Skive, in the other end of Denmark, I made a small photoseries of my Numidians against my mounted and mobile Roman units. It was never fought, it was more thought of a sort of diorama, that I would send in to HaTs everything toy soldier page. I never sent it. But now you can enjoy it here.

The Numidian Cavalry charges in:

On the unsuspecting Republican Roman Cavalry, escorting an important messenger, in a Chariot (Original Airfix).

Who will win the confrontation? Here is the entire scene:

Down at the bottom of the picture, the Carthaginian Cavalry can be seen, confronting a few Roman Cavalry men as well. I never did get to find out who won. Perhaps I will play out the scenario this could inspire sooner or later. Sounds like it could be fun.


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