January 29, 2012

Egyptian Chariots

... or Egyptian Cavalry, as the box from Atlantic and later Nexus decided to call them. Somewhat confusing, since the Egyptians did not have cavalry, they had chariots.

So watch out here comes the pharaoh, along with his retinue and bodyguards:

I have forgotten which of these are from Nexus and which are from Atlantic, but since they are reissues (the ones from Nexus) one would think that the difference is minute. Well it is, apart from the sprue that i got from Nexus was so badly molded I had to repair several of the chariots out of the box. The main problem was that the yokes were too short, and thus the chariot when the horses were added got lifted off the ground. Very annoying to say the least. Though some were good, and didn´t require specialist work.

I bet you can´t spot which ones are repaired. Here they are the two units of ordinary chariots with charioteers.

The pharaoh himself was painted before I really got into researching uniforms. I am not entirely sure that a blue helmet is fitting. Nor the blue clothes of some of the charioteers. The standardbearer is a simple conversion, and green stuff has been used to create both the standard and pole. It was the first time I used green stuff.

Up until Zvezda released their set of Egyptians he was the General of my Egyptian troops. I had hoped to get the special figure from Caesar of a Pharaoh, but he was very rare, and despite my best efforts I did not get one.

I will leave you with a final picture of all the chariots, seen from the front. Countless times my armies have faced these and probably seen the image you are seeing from that exact same angle.



  1. :-D I like them...and you beat me to it :-D
    To tell which ones are nexus and which are Atlantic. The nexus ones are in a yellow/cream coloured plastic ..the atlantic in a salmon pink.
    Maybe you can see the colour on the underneath of the chariots?

    1. Actually, some of Atlantics figures were released in yellow/cream as well. And I can´t look at the color underneath, since i painted them there as well... It´s ok though, they are fine just the way they are.