January 26, 2012

Carthaginian Army, HaT

Back in those days when I was living in Roskilde I had more space, and fewer figures. So today, it would be harder to do what i did back then. I basically had a place, on top of a deep yet low bookshelf, that was simply perfect to set up an entire army. So thats what i did with my Carthaginians.

The above picture shows the entire army lined up. The army consisted of Carthaginian War Elephants, my Carthaginian Cavalry, Iberian Infantry, Carthaginian African Infantry and of course Numidian Cavalry along with Numidian Infantry. Quite a colorful army.

Today I have an entire Army composed of Carthaginians without allies, and each of the allies (Numidians and Iberians) have their own army as well! In all three cases painted. This could only be done thanks to the many manufacturers that have dared to dive into the subject. So thank you Zvezda, Orion, and HaT. Especially HaT for their groundbreaking work.



  1. Nice! Those camps are scratchbuilt?

    1. Actually no.
      They are built from various pieces of plastic available. I have forgotten what sets they are from however.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :)
      I viewed your profile and came to a site for Hegemony Miniatures, and saw you had made a set of figures. Very intrigued. I wonder if it would be possible to see some pictures :)