January 24, 2012

Introductions & why this blog

So, first of all, welcome to my blog.

I am Claus. I am born in 1973, on november the 10th. And I have been collecting miniature toy soldiers the most of my life. Of course back in those days, i did not know I was collecting. I was merely playing with toy soldiers.

Today I am very much a collector, painter, and the occasional wargamer.

So why this blog?
Well basically I want to share my hobby with other people. Having trawled the web, using google, no doubt ineffectively, i did not come up with anybody near me that I could share this hobby with. So i thought, after a while, that I should do something about that. Since nobody else in Denmark apparantly is doing what I am doing. Well nobody that I can find online...

So here it is, my blog.

To start with let me introduce you to my workspace, as it looked a few years back, when I used to live in Roskilde.

As you may have noticed, I use Games Workshop paints. Or citadel paints as I think they where called way back then. And as you might notice, the figures are 1/72 scale, and all what i consider ancients. (That is anything that is before gunpowder, or is not using a gun).

Well, that is it for now. Stay tuned, as I will most likely be posting some pictures of some of my figures soon.


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