January 24, 2012

Carthaginian Cavalry, Conversions

So I promised a few pictures of some of my figures. Well I thought I would start off with something that old, and something that really was not made by any one figure company.

So back in 2000 something, I sat down, and did some simple headswaps. These were my first conversions, ever. I took the heads of some of HaTs Carthaginian African Infantry, and gave them the bodies of some of HaTs Republican Roman Cavalry. It felt like a good idea at the time. Carthaginians often took the armor and equipment from the battlefield, so why not cavalrymen too.

The result looks like this:

and from another angle, and a little more in focus:

Back then I was not as skilled as I am now. First of all I would have adjusted the heads, so that the guy at the back to the left, did not look like a casualty. But other than that, I am pretty pleased with the result. The pictures were published on HaTs website.

Some time later, HaT made a set with Carthaginian Cavalry, making this a project that i had not needed to do. But that´s life for you...


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