February 7, 2012

An old battle

I have been asked if I use my figures for wargames, or they are just for display. While I am flattered that some people think they are good enough to be used for display, my main reason for painting them is to use them in wargames.

I do not get to wargame as often as I would like to, mainly because it requires me to clear my painting space, and convert it to my gaming place. But once in a while I actually do it. This battle that I am about to show you was played out some 6 years ago I believe. I took pictures, not knowing if I was ever going to use them, and I played out the game without remembering to take pictures of the end...

But here are some of the pictures of my Ancient Egyptian Army, as it looked back then, with Punic Libyan and Nubian allies.
As can be seen, if you click on the picture, they are fighting Republican Romans. I remember that the Egyptians won the initiative and thus got to set-up first, and had advanced parties on the board. The Romans had to enter from the edge of the table.

Here they are, with most of the Republican Roman Army deployed.

And here is a closer look at the Egyptian deployment.

Back then I did not know how different the Punic war Libyans looked from the tribal libyans at the time of the Egyptians. So today, this battleline would have looked different. The Republican Romans are finally deployed...

And battle begins as the skirmishers from each side start to meet up...

And here we have a view of some of the Romans. Notice the skirmishers with black skins, and ahistorical geometrically designed shields... they are fleeing from the missile fire that the Egyptian bowmen has been hailing down on them.

Roman skirmishers engage Libyans in this picture. Some Atlantic Egyptians painted up as Nubians, watch, as they themselves have made a unit of Republican Roman skirmishers (velites) retreat.

The Libyans turn out to be no match for the Velites, as can be seen in this picture. The Romans seem to be winning the early battles in hand to hand combat.

On the right flank (as seen from the Egyptians) the Republican Roman Cavalry is almost ready to charge the Nubian bowmen.

And the last picture I will leave you with is a shot of what happens in the center, seen from the Republican Roman vantage point of view...

As I said in the beginning of this post: I don´t recall who won. But my thought would be the Republican Romans... But you will have to imagine the ending yourself, as I did not take any more pictures..



  1. That's an impressive set-up! What rules do you use for your battles?

    1. Thank you. :) I use Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 3rd Edition, it says inside the book. I modified them so I only need to roll a single d10 instead of a d6 to hit and a d6 to wound...

      I am not really into what rules exist out there... Some are undoubtably better, but I am happy with the way these rules work...