February 3, 2012

Sumerians, the heavy troops, part 1

As promised, here are the heavy troops of the Sumerian Army. These figures are described on the HaT website as being Ur Spearmen. That is Spearmen from the citystate of Ur. They are dressed in heavy leather capes, studded with bronze, and carry a spear. According to various sites and sources, they fought in a phalanx, so that is how I have set them up before taking each photo.

Here are the units that I have made. They range in size from 12 figures (and an officer) up to 18 figures (and officers).

As can be seen, i´ve chosen colors that range from white to black, with a tendancy towards darker colors, rather than lighter ones. The ones in dark red cloaks probably have the least historical look, and the ones in brown cloaks the most. I find that they all are however within reason. I really like the ones in white cloaks. I guess you can call those my favorites.I placed each officer on the right of each formation, not sure if this is correct.

Here are some pictures of each type of figure that make up the various units. I take these close-up pictures, in case someone wants to see the individual figures, and use them as templates for painting their own. Here are the spearmen:

The very observant, and i do mean really very observant, reader might have noticed a slight difference in colors of the helmets. Some I have painted brass, and then drybrushed them to a golden color, while others are bronze (most of them) and some are brass, without golden color. I´ll leave it to you to find out which are which.

Tomorrow, heavies, part 2. The Lagash Spearmen.



  1. Great work, the cloaks look really good


  2. I like the variation you achieve through the use of color. Well done.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :)

  4. Very nice. The idea of using different coloured leather for the cloaks works quite well. I will need to consult someone who knows about tanning techniques in pre-biblical times as to what colors are most historic. I am toying with getting a 3rd Dynasty Army in 15mm using Essex figures but its a lot of metal because of the potential allies available to them. Plus to be honest WRG Book 1 armies just dont have that great appeal to me.