February 13, 2012

Trees and Hedges

Any battlefield worth it´s salt has got to have some signs of nature. So what would be more natural than to have a few trees to put on it.

Here first is a single pine, that I have.
As can be seen it is probably meant for some bigger figures, considering how tall it is. But it looks ok with 1/72 figures I think. Next up some more generic trees.
And now some trees that look like they are more cultivated. Perhaps an orchard, or something of the kind. I have 6 of these trees.
And until recently that was all the trees I had. But then i bought a case of trees, 12 actually, that are 6 cms high. I thought that would be a good size for 1/72 figures. Here are half of these trees.
Of all the trees there are my favorites. Why? Because they actually look like they have leaves on them, instead of clumps of green.

Then there are the hedges. I have 3 of those. They are all Games Workshop products, so again, they are a bit tall for 1/72 (some call 1/72 20mm figures), and are meant for 25mm figures. Heres what they look like.

I feel I am pretty well covered on the forrest front. If I want to I can make more than 1 forest on the gaming table. Hedges I feel, as I have pointed out, are too high, but they are however still usable.

Right, now that I have shown a few terrain features, and such, I feel that the next update should be more figure related, and it will be, I promise. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.


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