February 13, 2012

Imagi-nation Greeks

Some years ago I painted up some Greeks. I decided that I would make four main Greek armies. Those would be the Thebans, Athenians, Spartans and Macedonians. Of course I also wanted there to be minor greek ally contingents, that each of these mighty armies could call apon, and thus I invented some Imagi-Nation city states, that had uniforms i just picked out for fun.

Here is a light equiped hoplite unit, that I imagine comes from the Greek settlements in Egypt..

That they are from Egypt is not very visible on the above photo, but it is quite a bit more visible in the shield designs that the figures from HaT have. These are visible in the photos below where I have taken a picture of each pose.

Of course lighter troops were also available to the Greeks, and I made a shieldless light psiloi unit. Also an imagination unit.

Here are the poses from the unit, in profile. I have omitted the central figure, more on that later. (I think I might have omitted a figure from the rank and file too, but no worries. If you can pick out which one, you get a brownie point).

Also I made a 2nd unit of light psiloi. These are equiped with a shield. The thracian shield I made a very primitive design on. Just a triangle and two straight lines dividing up the shield into three areas.

The figures making up the unit, are basically the same as the other light unit of psiloi, but here they are any way in close-up.

Now to the more special figures of these light units. It is a conversion in each case. The basic figure is one of the atlantic civilian greeks, with a short walking staff. Since I in general do not like civilian figures, I decided to convert them, with a simple headswap. Here are the results.

And from the back:

The heads from the civilians I put in my spares box, and later reused on other hoplites. It is easy to explain a helmetless man. The left figure shows some wear and tear, and i might repaint him before using him in battle. I like how these conversions turned out.


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