February 13, 2012

Ruined Towers and Walls

Continuing my efforts to show my sister what I have of terrain, so she can get an idea of what I am missing, here is a little photoshoot of my Ruined Towers, and Walls.

I have forgotten who the manufacturer of the towers is, so if anyone out there recognizes them, feel free to post an answer in the comment section.I like these towers very much. Although they are probably not exactly in time periode with the Imperial Romans, from Airfix, I have shown them here together with these figures.There are 4 ruined towers.

The walls are a Games Workshop product, and some of them are a bit too large for the figures, but you can judge for yourself, when you see the pictures.

These stone walls might be perfect for 25mm. But as can seen on the middle picture, they are definately too high for the troops on each sides of them, to engange in hand to hand combat, with ease. They are also alittle too high to scale without using ladders. I did however come up for a use for these walls when I was taking the pictures...
Look: it is a ruined fortress!

Next up trees and hedges I think.


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