February 13, 2012

Games Workshop Hills

I was talking to my sister the other day, and promised her to show some pictures of the terrain that I have. My chief concern was the hills that I have. I find them very annoying to say the least. They are a Games Workshop product, and are to say the least, very unstable.

Here are the three hills you can buy in a set, along with two of my Airfix Imperial Romans.

As can probably be seen, the hills themselves are pretty nice. They are flocked with a grassy surface, which makes them look really good. Unfortunately it does not allow figures with small bases to stand on them very easily. They are easily toppled, because of the irregular surface.

It does not help that the hills are hollow. That is they consist only of a bended (bendable) surface, most likely some sort of rubberized plastic. This makes the hills prone to being a bit shakey, and when figures are put on them, they fall over easily because of this as well.

Here is a picture of the underside of one of my hills.

My problems would most likely be non-existant, if I used them for 25mm lead figures, as they are designed to. The lead would weigh them down alot, and also the figures would be harder to topple. Another annoying feature of the hills is that the hill slopes are at such a high angle that placing plastic 1/72 figures on them is quite impossible.

My sister, who is studying landscape architecture, has kindly offered to make some hills for me! How can i pass that up? The only thing I had to do was show her these pictures, so she had an idea about the problems that I faced.


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