June 12, 2014

More Samnite Warriors

As the title says, time for some more Samnite Warriors. As has been the theme lately, these are from the Linnen Legion. That is all painted in white, and with the dash of silver inbetween.

Here is the whole unit.

No surpise in the looks. As I wrote above, they are all white. I like to think of these as being the elite Samnites, among the Elites. The Linnen Legion was in itself elite, but someone has to be even more elite than the elite.

Here is the pose that is the most numerous in the unit.

I really like it. He looks tough, and stands like he is more or less ready for anything. Really the pose I like the most of all the poses in the HäT set.

But with so many copies of the same figure in the unit, I thought some variety would be welcome. So three of the have the same helmet now, that the one to the left has on this picture. It was a simple headswap, from the kneeling pose, that I have yet to paint.

The figure on the right is also a headswap conversion. This time with the head from the "officer figure" that I have shown before.

The HäT set does not come wth a standardbearer, as earlier discussed, but I am using the spear with an enemies clothes as one none the less. The horn blower or musician in this picture, below, is not from HäT.

It is from the Odemars, Oscan Infantry set. I found most of the poses in that set useless. Much to flat, or too much flash, and too little definition. Painting this guy was mostly to see if it could be done. And it could. He looks alittle out of place, but not much.

Next up, I think I might just finish the Iberian unit that is on my painting table and has been for a while. I just need to paint the belts and leather straps in plausible colors, and then paint the bases of the figures. So not much. Alas I do not feel up to it in this heat, we are having here these days. But maybe if the nights turn out as sleepless as recently I will do it during one of those.


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