June 21, 2014

Arcane Legions: Egyptian Booster Brick

One thing I realized when browsing the web for pictures and information about what I would actually get if I bought the Egyptian Booster Brick, for Arcane Legions, was the lack of information and decent pictures of the figures I would get.

So I thought, why not publish my findings on the blog. Beats having the information out there but being very hard to find. Originally all the figures could be found on the Arcane Legions website. But like the game, that too is closed down.

So here is a list of what you get from the Egyptian Booster Brick:

1 x  Cleopatra VII
1 x Decidius Saxa
1 x Amenhotep III
1 x Darius of Pontus
1 x Achilles
1 x Masika, Hand of Isis
3 x Hand of Isis
3 x Hand of Osiris
3 x Anubian Guard
5 x Sta, with 1x Egyptian Beast Handler
3 x Criosphinx, with 1x Egyptian Beast Handler
2 x Protosphinx
6 x Centaur Archers
4 x Lionrider of Bast
6 x Undead Golem

In addition to these, Egyptian forces you get the following mercenaries

1 x Warlord Khudu
1 x Gülüg
2 x Kör Tiger Rider
4 x Kör Sniper

A total of 8 Boxes of figures, all prepainted, mostly quite well in fact. I got an additional 2 Egyptian boosters. I wanted to get some Centaur Archers, if possible, extra. I did not get them. In addition to the figures, you get alot of formation cards, and some sortie cards, that are meant to be used with the figures.


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  1. Awesome, thanks for the info. There is basically nothing about this mini game online, and I did not want to purchase a booster blind - thanks for the list, this seems like a worthy purchase.