June 16, 2014

Ancient Greek Centaurs

Well, this is really unlike me, but I have been smitten by some ancient greek Centaurs. They may not be the prettiest figures, but they have their charm none the less.

Here is a picture of the unit from the side.

Sizewise these are comparable to 1/72 figures, although they are officially listed as 25mm. They are from the defunct game Arcane Legions, which is made by the Wells Expedition. The plastic is comparable to the one used by Caesar Miniatures. It is sort of a bendy plastic, but not quite as bendy as the Caesar one.

The shields come prepainted. The motif is a centaur wielding a spear. I could not quite duplicate the color, and since one side is not painted, I decided to repaint all the figures.

They come unassembled. But that is not too much of a problem. I glued them with regular plastic glue and it is holding up very well. I wanted to glue the shields on with Superglue, but the glue had dried up and caused a blockage in the tube. So I tried to use regular glue, and it held up pretty well.

Historically of course, there was no such thing as Centaurs. so this is a forray into fantasy. It is not too off topic for me, though. So you will have to live with it. Here is finally a picture of two of the Centaurs placed up against each other, so you can get a good look at the pose.

They were fun to paint, which to me is more important than many other things. The sculpting I read elsewhere is so-so, some even call it bad. I can mention a couple of miniature manufacturers that would be proud of these figures. They are from the Egyptian booster pack, of Cavalry. They are sold along with 2 different poses of "mongol" or "steppe" warriors that are also horsemen.


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