June 5, 2014

Balaeric Slingers (Iberians)

Ok, it has been a while once again. I have slowly been painting up a few Samnites, but for now I thought I would show you the figures I am using and am going to use as Balaeric slingers. That is the famed slingers from the Balaeric Islands.

Here is a picture of the first unit.

And a picture of the second unit of them.

Notice how the figures are the same, but the feel is quite different. The ones in white with red trims are perhaps the most original, and correct, but the pictures in Ospreys books also shows them in brownish garments with brownish trims. So a unit of slingers in these would not be too far fetched. Personally I like the brownish unit most.

Here is first standard poses for each unit

I made the headbands red, before I read that they were supposed to be used as extra slings, for other ranges. Apparantley slings have different ranges, according to how long they are. It makes sense I suppose,

Here is the other standard pose for the units.

The legend goes that as children the Balaerics were given a sling and told, that from now on they would have to find their own food. It is no wonder that they were expert slingers. Notice that unlike the pose in the Orion set, these slingers, from the HäT set, have a dagger each. You never know if you are going to be involved in some hand to hand combat.

I of course, as I do mostly when I can do it, preformed some simple conversions, with these figures. Mostly headswaps, but also one where I removed a hand from a sling. So here are those four poses.

This is a rather old paintjob that I did perhaps some 10 years ago. Glad it is still holding up pretty well...


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