June 21, 2014

Arcane Legions: Centaurs

Earlier I mentioned that I got some Centaurs, from the Egyptian Cavalry set. Officially these are known as Centaur Chargers. I bought 2 packs of this Cavalry set, which gave me some 10 Centaur Chargers. That is 5 in each box. I also got an Extra from a Arcane Legions, League Booster Pack. This one prepainted (or factory painted, if you like to call it that.)

Yesterday I got a few more Centaurs, this time Centaur Archers, as they are officially known, in the Arcane Legions Booster Brick. You get 6 of those, in each Booster Brick, all prepainted.

This is how they look. As you can see, the paintjob is not half bad, not good, but definately passable, if you do not want to paint them, and you do not have a different colorscheme in mind, and can live with the fact that all the horse bodies are the same colors (I cannot).

You also get the hero Achilles from the Booster Brick. He is a "rare" figure. You get 1 rare figure, and 2 units of Uncommon figures in each Booster Pack. Achilles if you remember the greek fables correctly is a Human, not a Centaur, but the card that comes with him explains, that he is the reincarnated hero, or claims to be. Here are a few pictures of him.

 First picture is from the side. Again it shows him in the same, to me, not very common horse color, of the Centaur Archers.

From this angle you can see that he is blond as well, despite having a black tail. In my world, those two would have to be the same color. So he too will recieve a paint job.

The third picture shows off his nice shield. And I must admit that It looks good. These figures are painted much better than the centaur charger, that I got that was prepainted.


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