June 20, 2014

More Ancient Greek Centaurs

Usually I try and do something different for each post. But... I had these centaurs on my painting desk simply screaming for my attention. I had hoped that I had finished off some other unit too, and I would have shown that unit and then this unit of centaurs.

However as luck would have it, a package arrived, from Germany (took 9 days to get here, which is pretty long), and it contained some prepainted cavalry figures from the Arcane Legions booster pack. Among these 4 cavalry figures, was 1 prepainted (factory painted) centaur, in the pose I had made my previous unit in.

So here it is, along with some I have painted myself. Can you guess which one is the factory painted one?

It should be obvious, but in case it is not... Here is a picture of the pose from the other side.

Right, still need a clue? The figure in the middle has a different base color... and skin color for that matter, and no, I was not going to do a centaur with that pale skin. In fact it should be very obvious which one is factory painted. Just 4 colors on it, painted on black plastic. I usually don´t rant on about how bad somebody elses painting skills are, cause I do not consider myself very good. But It seems I am better than the factory painter...

Now on to the unit I made.

Here it is from the side. The shields are a design I found on the web, and after double checking that figures had actually been produced with a shield with a spartan symbol, on a centaur, I went ahead and painted it. Incidently, not many Centaurs out there with shields... alot of them have bows though.

Here they are from the other side. I like the unit I painted before this one better. Somehow the colors fit better together. If that makes sense.

And here you can see the 5 figures from the front. I plan on eventually painting the prepainted one like these, and then I will have 6 centaurs in this unit.

For a parting picture, here are two of those I have painted, each presented with a different side to the camera.
I ordered the Booster Brick for the Egyptian side of the game, along with a Roman Booster Brick. So I will get some more centaurs, but these will have bows. I really hope they arrive soon. I have been waiting more than a week now, and it seems they are scheduled to arrive Monday. What to paint until then?


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