May 20, 2014

More Iberian Scutari

Finally it is time for some of the Iberians to leave the painting table. This time it is a unit of Scutari, so named because of their shields, the Scutum. Here is a sideways view of the unit. It is the best way to show off the shields. 

Notice the colorscheme, it is the same as on the box, that you get from Orion, when you buy the Iberians. Here is the unit seen from the front. 

The unit is composed of 8 spearmen, wearing a single metal plate over the breast area, and carrying Scutums and a spear. They also have a scabbard for the traditional spanish sword. There is also a single officer, this time with a red cape, as well as a standard bearer (from HaTs carthaginian command set)

Here is a close-up of the infantry type.

The shields were really fiddly and was perhaps the part of the figure that took the longest time. The motif is molded on, so no choice there if you want a different design. Unless you want to carve it off that is...

The officer is by now the well known type. Crested helmet, breastplate and greave. The colorscheme is more traditional Iberian than what I have done the other officers in.

The standard bearer is as mentioned earlier from the HäT command set, for the Carthaginians. Ordinarily I would have given him a brown cloak, for lack of word of what the garment is he is wearing over his armor, but I chose red to tie him in with the unit.

And that was one more Iberian unit ready for the tabletop.


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