May 21, 2014

Iberian Caetrati, armored

So back to the Iberians, and these fellows are a strange bunch, but here goes.

The Iberians are distinguished ordinarily into three types of troops: Slingers, Scutari and lastly Caetrati. The Caetratri are like the Scutari destinguished by their shield. Where the Scutum is large and oval, this shield is small and round, in fact one might call it a buckler. Ordinarily the units would be light and agile, but this unit is different.

The reason why it is different cannot really be seen on this picture. But there is a hint, some unusual straps of leather on the back. They are used to hold a round plate in place over the breast. Which is unusual, but not unheard of. From my google searches I found at least one representation where they had this plate and a "buckler".

Here is another view of the unit.

Notice how big the shield of the Champion of the unit is. I did not find any small enough shield I could use, so his bigger shield will have to do.

I have spoken alot about the unusualness of this unit, and of the pose in particular. Well here he is.

Another thing that is unsual about this figure, is that his sword is not the usual falcata type, but it is straight. So is the scabbard. Very strange and quite unusual.

The champion too is interesting, if not for anything else, then for the weapon he is holding.

It is an axe, from the Caesar set of egyptians. You get a few spare ones pr. sprue, so, I thought why not use it to denote someone special. The uniform is not that strange, white with red trimmings. Just like most texts say the Iberians had. But the shield is also something I found online. Not sure if it is something the Iberians used; black shields that is.

The officer is the standard pose from the Orion set. Here he is, once again:

He is however interesting because he must be rich. Why do you ask? Well he has a purple cloak. A color that was extremely difficult to manufacture back then. So only the richest could afford it. Perhaps this unit is this fellows personal bodyguard. Would explain why they are so different.



  1. Looks good, love the champion!

    1. Yeah, I cannot decide if I hate him or love him. Alternative is the word I am using at the moment. Thanks for commenting. :)