May 15, 2014

Iberian Slingers

So what do we have here... Well the title says it all: These are Iberian Slingers. That is slingers from the Peninsula, what we today would call modern Spain (and Portugal).

The sling was a cheap and accurate weapon back in the days of the Punic wars. It was deadly too. Famed where the Balaeric slingers, used much by the Carthaginians. These however I have decided are just regular slingers, from Iberia. Here is the first unit, clad in brown.

As can be seen, they are pretty much just armed with a handweapon, and a sling. The hand weapon is something along the lines of a long broad knife or dagger. Here is the second unit, clad in the traditional white cloth with red brims.

They are the same figures, just painted up differently, and as it was at different times. One is painted some 18 months ago, the other a mere hours ago. The ones in white are the oldest, they have wear and tear, as can be seen on the figure on the extreme left. Part of the paint covering the base has flaked away.

Here is a close-up of one of the two poses, in their different painting scheme: The loading slinger.

Note how I forgot to paint the iron on the scabbard, on the white clad figure. While i remembered on the brown one. These kinds of mistakes annoy me alittle, but not much. I paint in volume not in detail, so if there is detail, and I remembered it, good. If not, I will fix it later, maybe.

Here is a close-up of the second pose, in the different painting schemes: The slinger who is swinging his sling, ready to fire.

Again, the little details are missing on the white clad one, but at least I am consistent. If these where elite slingers, like the Balaeric slingers are supposed to be, they would have extra slings, for different ranges. Such slings would usually be in the form of a headband or hanging from their belts.

So here they are, the Iberian Slingers, from Orions set of Iberian Infantry.


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