May 13, 2014

More Heavily Armored Iberian Warriors

So, these guys had been sitting on my paintdesk for nearly a year, mocking me. But now they are finished. Yay!

Perhaps they do not look so impressive lined up like that, so I tried to take a photograph to make them look less flat, on more "in action". This is how it turned out.

Looks like there are more of them this way, and they are sporting their good sides too. Like the other heavily armored Iberian Warriors, these are from Orion, except for the Standardbearer, which is from HäT. These too must have plundered the battlefield and found some armor. So I guess they are in roman mail, although it could be Iberian in origin.

Now for the individual close-ups.

The Officer of the group comes first. He is easily recognizable with his cape and crested helmet. He might even be of Cathaginian decent, with such equipment, or perhaps he is just rich. Notice that on this one, that you have seen before, I have painted a shinguard, which I am not entirely sure is there, or not.

Then there is the standardbearer.
This fellow is sporting some very nice armor. A full breastplate, unlike the officer that just has a metal plate protecting his chest. Also he has a round shield, which makes him somewhat different from his fellow infantry friends. I had glued this fellows shield on before I decided he should be part of this unit, hence the difference. He is holding a Bull Standard, which is also from HäT.

Finally the Iberian Warrior himself.
The shield he is using is the standard Scutum, and the spear, was much longer on the molded figure, but I cut it down to a more reasonable size. It was the length of a small pike, this way it is just a spear. The typical Iberian sword can be seen in its scabbard, and there really is not much more to say about this figure.

Stay tuned. I think there may be an update more coming within the next couple of days.



  1. Some more great looking troops Ernie. Looking forward to seeing them and their 'mates' in action on the tabletop sometime, perhaps?!

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yeah I´d love to have them on the tabletop for some action at some time.